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latoya tennille 


The Memphis Urban Laughs Comedy Festival is an event that celebrates all forms and aspects of urban comedy. It brings together the finest local, out of town and nationally known comics at one time to showcase their talents, network with one another, and enjoy the beautiful city of Memphis.

The festival takes place over 4 days in different venues over the city of Memphis. Each night will feature showcases with comics from our submission process while being hosted by local comics and headlined by comics known nationwide.

The Memphis Urban Laughs Comedy Awards acknowledges, celebrates, and honors the best in Memphis urban comedy and comedians as the official start of the Memphis Urban Laughs Comedy Festival. Categories include Best Male/Female Comic, Best Social Media Comic,and Memphis Urban Comedian of the Year. It also honors one comic with the MIC Award, Memphis Iconic Comic, every year.

Formally known as LOL Thursdays this cast of characters started off as as biweekly show called  LOL With MzVivacious and Friends hosted by the creator and founder LaToya Tennille. Since then the group LOL Memphis was formed to entertain while  showcasing the hilarious talents of Memphis's comics and comedic actors. These jokers give you a show experience like no other definitely making you Laugh out Loud......come get this funny!!!

The Young Funny Youth Comedy Camp is a training grounds to develop kids charismatic personalities and witty remarks into comedic gold. Young Funny Youth Comedy Camp is for ages 10-18. The camp teaches the fundamentals and basics of comedy. Campers are introduced to stand up, sketch, improv, mime, and physical comedy. Through this camp children will not  only learn comedy but self confidence as well as stage presence.

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